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Cell phone detection, capture and elimination is the ONLY method with proven results.

Facts about Cell Phone Jamming

  • Jamming is illegal anywhere in the USA
  • Jamming costs as much if not more than detection
  • Jamming masks the problem and never captures or eliminates the contraband phone
  • Inmates have plenty of time to find the "dead spot" that the jammer seems to have missed in coverage
  • Jammers send their full-power signal 24/7 and when they burn out you are unprotected with no alert to you
  • Cell Phone Detection is legal and WORKS

Prison Busted Model 850 Cell Phone Detection

Model 850


  • Detects All Cell Phone Bands & Frequencies
  • Detects All Cell Phone Formats (CDMA, GSM, IDEN, WCDMA, ETC.)
  • Alerts On The short "Registration" Bursts
  • Longest Range Of Any Detector On The Market
  • LED Silent Alert Indicator
  • Relay Output to key your building alarm, audible alert or the Sign
  • Voice Message Recorder & Playback (record your 20 second message)
  • Acrylic Lighted Sign (shown above; keyed by the relay driver)
  • ADA Compliant
  • "Silent Alert" used in classrooms, meetings, or anywhere where an instructor wants to be quietly alerted when a cellphone is detected

Prison Busted Model 850 Model 850 Model 850
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NO infrastructure required; mount to the wall with 4 anchors and it is installed.
Sends the "Cell Phone Detected" alert back via coded radio signal to the responders desk with an ID tag.
Picks up cell phones from 5 to 30 feet away.
Works as an "Inmate Intercom"™ since anyone can push the button and communicate directly with the responders if needed.
Has built-in remote surveillance; responders send a coded signal to the unit and turn on the remote microphone to listen-in to any activity nearby.
Runs on Size D alkaline batteries; uses no AC power, no wires or cables and requires no costly installation; ready to work in minutes.
Heavy Duty XT model enclosure withstands even the roughest treatment and abuse. Stainless steel front, tamper screws and tough multi-layer NEMA rated fiberglass closure with no external antennas or openings.
Want your custom message on the front panel? Tell us what you want to say and we custom make them to suit your facility.
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