Portable and Handheld Cell Phone Detectors

Cell phones are used for bugging, corporate espionage, cheating on exams and many other negative ways.
Radio bugs work on many frequencies, bands and formats.
Hidden cameras wirelessly transmit what is going on in your private facility.
Handheld and portable detectors find all of them hidden in your environment.

HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT Cell Phone Detection

This is the CellBusted unit made for the classroom environment. It looks like an innocuous air-freshener but hidden inside is a powerful cell phone detector.
This unit picks up emailing, texting, calls in or out to students disrupting your classroom and silently notifies only the instructor of the event. Call today for special educational facility pricing.
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CellBusted Unit

CellBusted Unit finds elusive cell phones and shows the relative signal strength as you get closer.

  • LED Bar-Graph
  • Audio
  • Silent alerts via earpiece (earpice supplied)
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CellBusted Unit

SAT Testing Cell Phone Detection

Pocket Hunter

Model 055SWR

Find cameras and RF bugs with this pocket sized detector, that saves you money.
Fits in purses, bags, and pockets. It keeps you safe wherever you travel!
  • Battery Operated
  • Includes Earpiece
  • Easily Portable
  • Pocket Sized

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